Pinky Paras is a New York based Pop Singer who was born on October 1st in Bareilly, India. She grew up with 5 other siblings in Patna and Delhi. She was born to a family filled with music. Her brother J.S. Paras is also a singer who has released 3 albums as well as her father Bhupinder Singh Paras.

Because of her musical backgrounds she began singing at a very early age and continued to sing throughout her life. She also enjoyed interests such as gardening and cooking. But her interest in music prevailed as she made it her career. She moved to the U.S. and created bases for her work in New York and San Francisco.

Pinky Paras became a famous personality on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter after moving to the US. In her musical career, Pinky Paras looks to Mika Singh for inspiration. Pinky Paras began her career by getting the permission of Mika Singh to remix his song "Sawan". The remixed song was released in a totally new genre by the music company Crescendo Music. It gained popularity as its views soared past one million. Shortly after the success of "Sawan", Pinky Paras shot another single in Houston called "Mehndi" and released it in 2015. "Mehndi" also followed the success of "Sawan". Her songs are recorded in both Hindi and Punjabi. Pinky Paras has recorded new songs in Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai recently that will soon be released as singles with music videos.

Pinky Paras